Family Promise of Beaufort County

Several years ago Grace Coastal Church joined with the Beaufort Alliance of Human Services to spearhead the only organization that serves homeless families in Beaufort County. Through the collaborative effort of other Bluffton congregations Family Promise of Beaufort County was born.

Family Promise of Beaufort County considers one homeless child to be one too many. Throughout the Scriptures we are encouraged and commanded to care and provide mercy to those who are "the least of these."

Homelessness remains a problem in our community. Being a rural setting, it may not be as evident as individuals and families are often camped out of sight. Some are moving from house to house trying to survive one day at a time. Others are in cars and trucks.
Recently, a homeless family stopped by the church looking for assistance. There were 4 family members living in the front seat of a truck. They were staying the night at a local dock to have light and access to a bathroom. Short on jobs and resources, the family needed help.

Grace Coastal Church has been a supporter of the Family Promise of Beaufort County program for homeless families since its conception in our area. Churches like Grace Coastal bond together to host and feed those in the program. Once a quarter, families will come and stay in our building and be provided meals for one week at a time. Families become acquainted with volunteers and together they strive to build a stable foundation.

Family Promise provides the day center where participants seek employment, housing, financial stability, training, and social services to address their needs. Children are kept in school. Families are able to stay together. A case manager assists each family as they strive for stability.
Grace Coastal Church serves as a host congregation.

How Can I Get Involved?

Our mission is to help people in our community of all ages, gender and ethnicity who are in need and who are motivated to help themselves. We promote collaborative efforts with other human services organizations and implement programs to meet specific needs not currently being addressed.
Contribute by:
  • Preparing dinner
  • Hosting overnight
  • Setting up after the last service on the first Sunday of Family Promise week
  • Repacking the trailer and setting the rooms up early in the morning on the last Sunday of Family Promise week
  • Praying for the program, volunteers, host churches, and clients  

Interested in helping during our next host week? Contact us.
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