Janice Ring, Children's Director

Janice Ring
Children's Ministry Director

Janice was born and raised in Catonsville, Maryland. She was always interested in elementary education and attended Cedarville University. Janice and John were married between her sophomore and junior years. Later she attended Arlington Bible College, earning her B.A. degree in Christian Education.

Janice has always been involved in education, having run a day-care out of her home for many years as her children (John Jr. and Jenny) grew to school age. Her ability to relate to children has earned her the nickname “The Child Whisperer.” It doesn't matter where she is or what she is doing; children flock to her and she has this uncanny ability to quiet the troubled heart of any child.  
Children's Director

Janice became Children's Director for 10 years at Chapelgate Presbyterian Church (pca) in Marriottsville, Maryland. After moving to the Lowcountry and attending Grace Coastal Church, she agreed to oversee the Children's Ministry. She brought years of experience with her seeking to “assist the parents in the nurturing and development of our covenant children.” 

If anyone sees her on Sunday, she is seldom at rest as she seeks to serve families with young children. Janice has a special place in her heart for children with disabilities. She desires for all children to be a vital part of the church body.  

Janice loves being with her grandchildren. She also enjoys reading a good book. Occasionally she has been in a kayak with John but will tell you John tends to choose the worst days to take her out on the water. For her there is nothing better than watching the dolphins swim by on a sunny day. Her vacation destination is always Walt Disney World. The fact that Bluffton is only 4 hours away from WDW makes living here a big plus.  
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