Family Counseling

Grace Coastal Church believes in relationship-based ministry.  

We walk by grace together as we wrestle with life’s trials and tribulations. In all we seek guidance from the Scriptures and the glory of God.
Living as a fallen individual in a fallen world is not easy. While we experience the love of God through his Son, Jesus Christ, the daily application of the gospel is sometimes hard to see. 

There are many voices in our culture telling us many things. There is one voice of God. The body of Christ was formed in his Word to not only be a body of worship but also to be a body of support, encouragement and loving confrontation.
Currently, Rev. John R. Ring handles family counseling. John has a basic certificate of counseling from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation. He is also certified in marriage counseling from the Cornerstone Institute in Maryland. He has attended the annual C.C.E.F. conference with a focus on Marriage Counseling. John has 15+ years experience beginning in teen counseling. His current focus is families with an emphasis on marriage counseling. He currently serves as a chaplain for both the Bluffton Police and Fire Department. John receives annual training through the chaplain association.  
Appointments are required. To schedule a counseling appointment contact us.  
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