Be Proud To Give Back

"...also excel in the grace of giving..." – II Corinthians 8:7

Throughout the Scriptures Jesus and the apostles encourage believers to follow the path of Jesus and give to others. Giving may be any form of our time, talents and treasures. In our society time has become more precious than gold. It seems like we never have enough of it. 

Here at Grace Coastal Church we believe that giving our time is a vital part of our walk with the Lord. When we give ourselves to others we gain an insight into the incredible love of Christ.  
When the word “giving” is uttered in church circles we may think of “treasure.” We often associate “giving” with “money.” We do not hide the fact that it does take financial resources to develop ministry that reaches out into the community, but there are two other elements of “giving” that are sometimes more valuable than financial resources. Giving your time and talent is sometimes the most powerful thing you can give.

There are many opportunities to give. View the list below to gain insight into opportunities we support and about our community. If you have a talent that cannot be found, please give John Ring a call at 843-540-0621. Through our relationship with the Beaufort Alliance of Human Services and Crossroads Community Support Services, we will seek to find you a place to serve others and serve our Lord at the same time.  
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