John Ring, Minister of Family Counseling and Community Outreach

John. R. Ring             

Minister of Family Counseling and Community Outreach

Upon first glance my job title is extremely long. I can shorten it very quickly. I talk to people about the difficulties of their lives and this world. I also have the responsibility to get out in the community connecting people to our church and our church people to our community. I’ve enjoyed serving in this capacity over the past 11 years. It’s been so enjoyable the time has flown by.  

Upon first glance it looks like we have a lot of programs at Grace Coastal Church. Our philosophy is not to create new programs but to connect with existing programs throughout the greater Bluffton to Hardeeville. Being a participant with the Beaufort Alliance of Human Services and the Community Services Organization we as believers in Jesus Christ don’t have to recreate the world. We believe we get out in the world and serve our Lord as the Apostle Paul did in the establishment of the early church.

Currently we are working on developing The James Project and the mentoring opportunity with Real Champions ( We constantly look for collaborative efforts to place the gifts and talents within our church out in the surrounding neighborhoods. As Jesus said, “We are in the world…” No better way to reach our world for Christ than to be engaging it on a regular basis.

My wife, Janice and I are from Baltimore, Maryland. I served at Chaplelgate Presbyterian Church as youth and college director while Janice was the children’s director. After receiving a BA in Education from Cedarville University I received a M.Ed. from Loyola College. Upon returning to ministry in 2001 I was certified in marriage counseling from Cornerstone Institute and have a basic certificate of counseling from the Christian Counseling Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.  

My recent focus involves serving as a volunteer chaplain for the Bluffton Police Department and the Bluffton Township Fire District. Serving over seven years in this capacity I recently received certification as Senior Chaplain from the North Carolina Sheriffs Chaplain Association and appointed to the Billy Graham Rapid Response Chaplain Team.  

As a Bluffton resident I enjoy the Low Country every opportunity that arises either in a kayak or walking the great outdoors. Hopefully, my camera is close by. I remain a diehard Baltimore Orioles and Dallas Cowboys fan. While I love golf, I’m not sure it loves me. I do like a good movie and am trying to read 4 books a month.  

It has been a blessing to have my children (John Jr. and Jennifer Jansen) and their spouses nearby. It is pure joy to have our grandchildren Kylee and Benjamin living within a stone’s throw. Bluffton is home to our family. God has provided a great opportunity to be involved and engaged in the greater Bluffton community.
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